Health and Safety Service for Schools

“Annual Peace of Mind”


Fire and Risk Management Service is an independent Herefordshire consultancy aiming to provide a competent, comprehensive and easily accessible health and safety provision for schools. The competent team are lead by Nick O’Sullivan, who has a number of years experience as the single point of contact for schools in Herefordshire, and will offer personal support and advice to achieve compliance with Health and Safety legislation.

Services Provided

  • A signed Contract identifying Fire and Risk Management Services as your Health & Safety Advisors
  • Easily accessible telephone and online support and advice with guaranteed response. Access to extensive reference materials
  • Access to the Schools Health & Safety Flash system where you are notified of situations and occurrences that could affect your School, staff or pupils.
  • Draft Generic Risk Assessments easily customised for your School

Accident Reporting

  • You pass your accident forms to us, we report and deal with the Health & Safety Executive Incident Centre for you, as required, and deal with any follow up enquires.
  • Access to a simple accident reporting procedure and forms 

Accident Investigation*

  • Access to a simple accident investigation form to determine underlying causes and unsafe acts and conditions. Identification of the appropriate remedial action required to prevent further similar incidents.
  • Assistance with reviewing the current risk assessment and safe working practices. 
    An annual report outlining accident situation and wider trends.
  • Access to the Schools Health & Safety Flash system
  • *Specialist investigation involving site visits or remedial action may involve an additional cost


  • Updated model School Health & Safety Policy each year.
  • Assistance with creating new or reviewing H&S Polices and guidance designed to meet both the schools and statutory requirements.


We will work with the schools to ensure that that their current Health and Safety Management Systems are robust and effective by auditing:

  • Health and Safety Policies; How these policies are applied and implemented in the workplace;
  • Sampling and reviewing risk assessments;
  • Safe working practices by observation and monitoring;
  • Training, instruction and information.


Fire and Risk Management has the benefit of a team with the experience, understanding and knowledge base of being able to guide schools through the complexities of statutory requirements with a minimum of fuss and intervention. In particular the benefits are: 

  • A dedicated team that is well known to schools forming a close working relationship;
  • A single comprehensive service covering ALL aspects of school health and safety;
  • Bespoke health and safety advice and information on all statutory, national and local issues from experienced professionals;
  • Tailored policies, procedures and guidance down to individual school level;
  • Access to an extensive range of training and trainers to support schools in managing and reducing risk.