How we work...Fire Risk Assessment

  •  Client makes contact with Fire and Risk Management Services either by E mail or telephone. We aim to re-contact you no later than the following day.

  • We will then visit your premises to conduct the initial appraisal and outline an initial assessment.

  • You will then receive a written quotation, for the work you need only.

  • If you are then happy to proceed, we will agree dates/times and carry out the work.

  • All work is presented  in written form supported by personal managerial presentation, if required.

  • Any risk-reducing solutions needed will be discussed and low cost solutions identified

  • Any training requirements will developed in conjunction with the client to produce a bespoke solution and can be delivered "in-house" or at a local training centre.

  • We will endeavour to ensure risks are lowered which will benefit you, your staff and your business

  • Once you have taken on Fire and Risk Management Services we become your advisors and offer support you at all times.

  • Advice on the telephone will generally be free.

Fire and Rsk Management Services operate with full Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.