Fire Safety Training

The Regulatory Reform Order outlines that all employees must be provided with instruction and training so as to know how to react in case a fire occurs. This training is a fundamental requirement for reducing risk and ensuring staff safety.

The training should include how to raise the alarm, how to contact the Fire Service, use of Fire Safety Equipment, evacuation of the building and basic fire prevention techniques.

Fire and Risk Management Services offer a range of training options for all levels of an orangisation to underpin the prevention culture.

All training courses will have a number of "core" elements but unlike a lot of other providers we will take the time to develop a bespoke solution to meet the customers needs. Presentations will be mult-media based involving both practical and technical input from an experienced trainer.

Certificates of attendance will be provided along with a colour student handout.

If required the course content can be mapped across any relevant NVQ or equivalent standards and a testimony can also be provided.

 Training is usually delivered "in-house" to minimise disruption but local training centres can be provided as necessary.